1- Implant Dentistry to rehabilitate partially and completely edentulous patients:
  • - Single crowns.
  • - Bridges supported by implants..
  • - Full mouth rehabilitations supported by implants..
  • - Dentures retained by implants..

2- Aesthetic dentistry:
  • - Teeth Whitening: Laser Whitening: with the advance-power zoom machine you will have your teeth whitened in less than an hour! ( perfect for those planning for their weddings!) .
  • - Home Whitening: Have your teeth whitened at the comfort of your home (while watching your favorite movie!) .
  • - Combined Whitening: have the best of both with the glamour of Hollywood celebs.
  • - Veneers and metal free crowns: made through an elaborate CAD/CAM procedures where you can have your input upon the final shape and shade of your Veneers.
  • - Metal free crowns and bridges made with ZIRCONIA (diamond simulant).
  • - Metal free fillings with the best quality materials at the market (Nanotechnology in your own teeth).


3- Pediatric Dentistry:
  • - Your kids can also join with the smiley faces and their favorite cartoon program ( all channels are available in all major tongues!) .

4- Maxillofacial surgery:
  • - A special unit has been exclusively designed to perform surgical procedures in painless and germ-free environments (Aseptic techniques as in hospital theaters but less scary though) .

5- Orthodontics:
  • - Our orthodontic team will ensure a perfect straightened smile like Eva Mendez! Or Ryoko Hirosue .

6-Endodontics (Root canal therapy):
  • - We know that this field of dentistry might be the most demanding.
  • - A highly qualified endodontic specialist
  • - A SURGICAL MICROSCOPE which can magnify up to 20 times (tiny canals will appear as mammoths!!).
  • - A WIRELESS DIGITAL X-RAY MACHINE where you can have your tooth radiograph on your own iphone ( or Xperia-android!!!!).

and More and More ...